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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My signature fragrance :)

I never thought I would perfectly match a perfume until I tried the Victoria's Secret Forever perfume. It came in a set of many perfumes to try around the holidays and I absolutely love this! I wear it everyday and when I wear a different scent I can tell it doesn't match me. I feel this scent is soft and sweet and a little warm at the same time, if that makes any sense. It can be worn in the winter or summer. I will definitely buy this again! As mentioned on google it is a "floral-fruity fragrance for modern ladies Warm - juicy - sweet & tempting Top note of blackberry Middle note of iris Base note of amber Launched in 2011 Perfect for all occasions". -google w

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Color wheel theory for Hazel eyes :)

pic courtesy of www.fancyfacecosmetics.com

So I researched all of these pics of women with hazel eyes and what color makeup they were wearing. I had to add these pictures in because it inspired me to try new colors and I really wanted to bring out the green, gold, and even gray in my eyes. This is a fun challenge to find new eyeliner and eyeshadow colors that will change my look up!
All pictures are from google.

So yeah, that is all the eyeball pics, and I know it seems odd but I hope it helps in giving you some new makeup looks!

Color wheel theory

To bring out your eye color, use colors opposite on the color wheel. For instance if I want to bring out the green in my hazel eyes, I would go for purple or plum. I can even use browns, apricot, or greens for eyeshadow or eyeliner to enhance the eye color. If I use plum eyeliner my eyecolor will actually turn to a greenish gray and if I use brown eyeliner, my eyecolor will be dark green. I just noticed how green my eyes were when I wore a chocolate brown eyeliner today. I was stunned because I only had a champagne color eyeshadow on and black mascara. I guess it did the trick! I will stick to these colors from now on. I was so used to wearing black eyeliner that I strayed away from other colors, but I noticed that my eye color stayed hazel-brown and didn't change much. Here is the color wheel below so that you can pick colors that work best for your eye color.

pic courtesy of: www.mmprint.com

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