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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Loreal Haircolor to do my highlights: 5CB Spiced Truffle (Chestnut Brown)

So I've been wanting to go lighter with some parts of my hair and have been apprehensive to do it on my own hair, but found a color that I actually love :) It washes out in 28 shampoos and contains NO Ammonia in it. I will definitely buy this product again because it actually colored my very dark hair lighter in 10 minutes!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Misses :(

Won't be buying Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer spf 15 again!!!

This makes my eyelids dry, irritated and possibly allergic. It still feels a little greasy even though it's oil-free. I didn't have this problem when I used Eucerin protective moisturizer. They both are non-allergic products but the Neutrogena one just doesn't work for me!! I think Eucerin is much better for moisturizing for day-time.

Victoria's Secret September favorites!

For summer I like the Mango scent (tropical feeling), and I always love coconut scented body lotion. At night, I like the Amber Romance because it has vanilla and a more spicy/sweet smell. Problem is that the Amber Romance was not available at the store anymore and the Luscious Kisses wasn't either :( I think they were seasonal so maybe they will appear again at some point in time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chanel glossimer # 247 Pink Pulsion...another September favorite!!!

This is a great lipgloss, not sticky, and very sparkly! Just a hint of pink for a glamorous pout!

Meishoku Moist Labo BB Cream in Natural Beige (made in Japan)!! Great stuff! I am happy I found out about BB creams!

I got to try this BB Essence Cream in Natural beige #01 by Moist Labo from Japan. It has SPF 40 PA+++ and it is great for making your pores invisible! It nearly filled in all my pores and made my skin look so smooth when I looked in the mirror up close I was amazed! It's a small tube and in the picture ontop it is the bottle towards the left. It says it comes in "3 grams" size tube. I searched on the website and this product is condsidered one of the cheapest BB creams sold in Japan..around ($14.50 US). When you apply it, use your fingertips and blend it well. The consistency is smooth, sort of light like a suncreen. It looks like this below:

The benefits of BB cream is that it works for acne prone skin and it is good for oily skin. It is great for fair to light skin people and it is a non-greasy feeling like other foundations can be. It is great for humid weather because it is sweatproof and waterproof! Most BB creams also contain a small amount of hyaluronic acid (anti-wrinkle properties/whitening). I am now a big fan of BB creams!!

On this website it has the price but everything is in Japanese so I will continue searching and post other links below. Here is the direct link to check it out: http://www.adambeauty.com/showitem.php?itemtype=detail&itemid=mesho-bb&brandid=500&language=&agentid=1&productid=&brandSubid=

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My September favorites!

I love this Chanel loose finishing powder! Feels so soft and looks amazing! I use #30 Natural translucent 2.

Monday, September 5, 2011

BB Cream Maybelline Review

So I tried this BB Cream and it definitely has to be applied with really good moisturizer underneath. I used Eucerin protective moisturizer underneath the BB cream and it helped. The texture is smooth and it doesn't rub off. The coverage is not great. I would say the coverage is even lighter than wearing a tinted moisturizer. It doesn't look like your regular foundation with a dewy glow. It actually makes your skin look a little dried out. It is probably good for oily skin because it has a dry look to it. I don't recommend it for very dark skin since there's a whitish residue that shows up even after blending well. This product doesn't work for me because I have combination skin and some areas on my face are dry so it was harder to blend out.

Hope this helps anyone out! This BB cream is from Japan but I know you can get it online. It's odd that Maybelline is usually available in the states but not this particular product.

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