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Monday, May 7, 2012

INSANITY FIT TEST!!!! Monday start day- DAY 1

OMG!!!!! I just started the INSANITY workout today and it kicked my butt! I did the fit test and here are my results on my fit test.
I felt like I paused it after doing the first 4 to take a rest, then I did another 2, rested (paused the DVD), then finished the rest. I thought the hardest one for me was the Globe Jumps (I can't jump and do squats very well, plus I have a bad right knee so I am a bit cautious). Suicide Jumps were really hard too (another squat and jump maneuver + planks), and then lastly, I would say Push-Up Jacks (it's hard to do push-ups fast and still get the right technique). I hope tomorrow I won't be too sore! I was so exhausted right after the FIT TEST! I calculated my daily calories that I needed to lose weight but also have enough calories for this intense workout. They say you will burn 500-1000 calories in one work out and I believe it! I'm going to work out 6 days a week (they give you a calender), then take Sundays off to recover. I will keep updating as I see my progress for the next 60 days!! Have a great day and I already feel better, especially that I have committed to this and I will "Dig Deeper!!!" Another thing that I recommend is wearing a heart monitor. You don't realize how fast your heart is beating after a few minutes of this workout and you could burn-out real quick. Take a rest when you feel dizzy, nauseated, or out of breath, and go at the pace that you can so you don't make yourself sick. Eat a smaller meal before workouts, and eat/drink a recovery shake or something more dense post-workout. Meekz

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